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Ready? Ok, here's our story:

Eons ago, somewhere out in the far reaches of our vast universe, a star exploded. This event, while in no way unique on its own, set a whole lot of debris and particles from the nearby planets and moons off on a voyage across the cosmos. Whereas most of the particles were forever lost in the deepest of nothingness, some eventually found their way into the little star system in the outskirts of the Milky Way we call our home. As a fraction of these entered the atmosphere of our dear planet Earth, they hurtled towards the surface, pushing air in front of them and, as a consequence, heating up greatly. In the process, the particles started to emit a highly pleasant scent, remarkably similar to the one we experience when we scrape the inner bark from trees of the genus Cinnamomum. 

The particles happened to spread out over the country of Sweden, where they impacted with the ground, the kinetic energy driving them deep into the rich Scandinavian soil. There they lay, fragrant and radiating, for many years. That radiation of theirs affected a few people who happened to dwell in their vicinity. These people felt nothing at first, and went on with their daily lives, with the effect all the while slowly building up in their bodies, until one day, an urge that had gradually made its presence known, at last became irresistable. This urge drove the people to embark on a quest to satisfy the strange desire they had come to be ruled by. Though none of them could have put it into words at the time, they all instinctively knew what had to be done: they were to track each other down, join up and together create something new, something awe inspiring and beautiful. There was suddenly a powerful energy within, a force that could only be exercised through music.

And so the people, guided by the force within, sought each other out, and they soon came to realize that the strange power - strong though it was in each of them on its own - became exponentially greater as they joined up. And the power manifested itself in music, a sonic tribute to the particles of the lost worlds whence they had come. The people called themselves 


Cinnamon Space Machine